Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist

Rolling Stock / Railway

The railway vehicle manufacturing is a strategic important business sector for Helbig & Lang. The large train manufacturers as well as their suppliers are customers of our company. In the sector of wet painting the amount of water-based painting (hydro) is increasing. With optimized processes and our flash-off zone Helbig & Lang can counter the rising complexity and achieve a constant high surface quality. The range of parts in the railway vehicle sector is highly diversified and includes the interior as well as the exterior of trains.

Some examples are:

  • static converter
  • driving cabs
  • air conditioner
  • switchboards
  • roof cover
  • battery boxes
  • parts for protective undercoating
  • crash modules
  • platforms
  • doors
  • passenger grip bars
  • ceiling and wall linings
  • baggage porters
  • sheets for protective undercoating
  • couplers
  • small components like angles, supports, profiles…