Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist

Industrial Painting

The roots of our company are located at the wet painting for the industry. Thereby we accumulated high specialist knowledge. At Helbig & Lang the painting is applied through a spray process by hand. This enables us to handle a high variety of geometry of parts, basic materials (aluminum, steel, zincked steel, casting parts, stainless steel, plastics) and serial sizes (single part treatment, small to medium series) at a constant high quality. The painting of different shades of color, e.g. RAL, NCS, Pantone, DB-colors, Munsell or special colors according to customer preferences is self-evident for us. Through fast change of shade of color it is possible to realize short reaction times and short delivery times.

Altogether Helbig & Lang possesses five cabins for liquid paint. With the use of a crane it is possible to work on nearly all sizes of parts/components up to a weight of 10 tons. The cabins can be heated to a temperature of 80 degrees (°C). Furthermore special drying ovens for the coated parts are disposable.

Ecologically reasonable: Water-based paints

In the last years more and more water-based paints are applied in different industries. For the well-being of humans and nature these paints contain a reduced solvent concentration (VOC=volatile organic compounds). We highly welcome this development. The Hydro-paints confront us with a higher complexity regarding the treatment. However, there should not arise any disadvantage for our customers.

On the one hand we have a large experience with the handling of water-based coating systems. On the other hand we are permanently in search of further improvements for the improvement of the process quality and the process reliability. An example is the flash-off zone which we implemented in 2014. At this zone the painted parts are parked in order to ensure the defined flash-off times and protect the parts against dust inclusions.