Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist

Sand Blasting and Glass Bead Blasting

The sand blasting and the glass bead blasting belong to the abrasives techniques of the surface finishing. The blasting material (sand, glass beads, and steel corundum) is shot on the component via compressed air. Blasting is used to clean, to remove rust, to deburr, to descale or to remove prior coatings.

Blasting can be used in order to valorize the surface finish or as pre-treatments for following coatings. Thanks to the high pressure of the blasting material, the component’s surface gets roughed and the adherence of the subsequent coating is certainly enhanced. With the application of glass beads, a finer/softer blasting material, it is possible to work on the parts without deforming them.

The blasting method is available at both locations of Helbig & Lang, Worms and Bad Kreuznach.
Our equipment consists of:

  • 3 jet blasting cabins for bigger parts
  • 3 manual blasting machines for smaller parts

The biggest blasting cabin is 12 m long, 7 m wide and 4, 50 m high. Through the use of a crane system it is possible to blast components with a maximal weight of 10 tons.

In the course of the new construction of a plant sector in 2013, an very modern blasting facility was established. Thanks to the magnetic separator the blasting material is cleaned of ferrite residues and the treatment of different materials (e.g. aluminum, steel, stainless steel) is possible in an efficient way.