Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist

Mechanical Grinding and Polishing

The mechanical grinding and polishing are abrasive methods of the surface treatment. They can be part of the pre-treatment as well as used for surface finishing. Depending on the customers’ requirements different abrasive belts, grinder benches and grinding mediums with various grit sizes are used. Helbig & Lang disposes over several fixed grinding machines as well as portable ones.

After the manufacturing of parts there can often be detected unevenness, scratches and striae on the surface. Thanks to grinding these can be equalized and a uniform appearance arises. In the first step a coarse grain is used (rough grinding), afterwards the grains are gradually getting smoother towards the finishing-grinding.

The finishing-grinding is executed in order to remove scratch marks through pre-polishing and polishing. Especially for the industries with high hygienic requirements and health regulations the work step of polishing is of high relevance. The food industry (pipelines, where food flows through) and the medical technology (pipelines, where pills slide) are some examples of use.