Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist

Quality Management

The highest priority of our work is the satisfaction of our customers; we want to assure customer satisfaction through the high quality of our services and the adherence to delivery dates.

The majority of our customers come from the industry. The processes are half automated and still affected by manual work processes. This enables Helbig & Lang to be flexible and react at high speed. The “Quality out of expert hand” is an important component of our quality policy.

Constant process optimization in the production and administration

Since the foundation of the company Helbig & Lang we are optimizing our processes regarding the production and administration in order to at least meet the expectations of our customers and strengthen their confidence.

This is shown by the strict compliance regarding the given specifications and the confirmed delivery dates. Furthermore we try to dialogue with our customers, with the objective to find the best answer to questions regarding the implemented technologies, materials and/or means of transport.