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Powder Coating

The powder coating is an electrostatic application method where the painting-powder is attracted by the earthed workpiece.

The most important advantages of powder coatings are:

  • Solvent-free painting process (environmentally friendly)
  • High protection against corrosion also for complicated formed components (wrap-around edges)
  • High capability of resistance (scratches, beats, abrasion)

Just as for the wet painting also for the powder coating it is possible to apply paints with different characteristics.

  • Shade of color: e.g. RAL, NCS, DB-colors, Munsell or special colors according to customer preferences
  • Gloss level: mat, silk mat, satin-gloss, glossy
  • Structure: flat, microstructure, macrostructure
  • Quality: interior use, exterior use, mixed powder

Helbig & Lang disposes two powder plants and two powder ovens.
The following parts and components can be powdered:

Dimensions (L×W×H)5.000 × 1.500 × 2.000 mm
Weight1.000 kg
Materialaluminum, steel, zincked steel, stainless steel, iron
Regarding plastic parts the high temperature in the oven has to be considered.