Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist

Additional Services

We are a surface finishing specialist. In the same time we are an integrated part of the value chain of our customers. Therefore we want to be a reliable partner regarding questions of surface treatment and the optimization of the supply chain. According to the needs of our customers we execute more and more supplement services, which are connected to the surface finishing.

Some examples are:

  • Assembly work
  • Disassembly work (e.g. in case of rework of damaged parts)
  • Deburring
  • Laminating and labeling
  • Masking
  • Densities/sealing
  • Insulation protection
  • Marking of product carriers/transportation racks
  • Ticketing of parts and components
  • Deliveries with the company owned truck
  • Further logistical services

Of course we are willing to expand our additional services in order to optimize the overall supply chain. Please contact us concerning this topic at any time.