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The pickling changes the surface characteristics through different chemicals. The goal of pickling is to remove contaminations from the surface. These contaminations can be oxide films, welding scales, temper colors or other metallic substances.

At our site in Bad Kreuznach the parts and components can be treated through the work steps degreasing and cleaning, pickling, purging and passivating. In the down-streamed neutralization facility the contaminated water is recycled and can be lead back into the water circulation.

The pickling is possible as immersion process in a pickling bath as well as spraying with a lance. The possible maximal sizes of the parts are:

TypeMaximal size (h / w / l)
Pickling bath4,50 m / 2,00 m / 1,40 m
Spraying3,00 m / 3,40 m / 6,00 m

At Helbig & Lang stainless steel as well as aluminum can be pickled. The pickling of aluminum is used as pre-treatment of the parts for the subsequent coating.