Helbig & Lang - The surface finishing specialist


Each delivery which is leaving our plant passes the outgoing goods inspection, which is documented in an appropriate way. The intensity of the inspection varies depending on the customers’ requests; it can range from a sampling inspection to a 100% inspection of every part.

Additionally sample parts can be coated for every delivery. These parts can be used for destructive inspections (e.g. cross cutting test). Depending on the customers’ requests or specifications, special inspection certificates are prepared. These can be done according to the customers’ expectations or with the usage of the standard inspection certificate of Helbig & Lang.

Typical characteristics for the documentation are general order information (order number, drawing number, and specifications), indication of batch number and expiration dates of the used materials. Further information are the application date of the coating, the film thickness, the shade of color, the results of the inspections (visual, conformity, gloss level and cross cut test). Finally the overall assessment of the inspection concerning the conformity with the specification is documented on the inspection sheet.