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Visual Inspection

Despite all precautions and qualified industrial painters, mistakes of application (e.g. varnish runs, curtains, blistering, pinholes, bubbling, adhesion failure, solvent popping, chalking, bleeding, orange peel, dust inclusions) can still occur.

Therefore early problem detection and the initiation of countermeasures are of high importance. In no case these parts should reach the customer, causing production delays or in worst cases a downtime of the assembly line. Therefore the visual inspection in terms of coating mistakes is of high relevance. Between the treatment steps as well as at the final inspection, the parts are examined according to different criteria (distance, lighting conditions, height etc.). To recognize mistakes in an early stage our paint shops are equipped with high-capacity fluorescent tubes. Furthermore a test desk with special lighting (> 400 Lux) and several inspection lamps are available.