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Coating Thickness Measurement

For the determination of the coating thickness different methods can be applied in order to measure the wet film thickness and/or the dry film thickness. The wet film thickness is important for the treatment of the coating materials and is identified through a measuring comb. As this method is a destructive test, the application makes sense only on test parts or sample sheets. The dry film thickness indicates the layer strength of the dry film and is of high importance regarding the protection against corrosion or mechanical exposures. On metallic grounds the inspection can take place through a paint thickness gauge.

Thereby Helbig & Lang applies the magnetic-inductive method in accordance to DIN EN ISO 2178 (ferruginous, ferromagnetic grounds) or the eddy current method (nonferrous metallic grounds). To avoid weak points of the painting system, particularly on screw-on areas, the dry film thickness should not exceed a defined maximum value. The compliance of maximum values, which are allocated in the µm zone, requires high qualified employees with experience in the field of ambitious coatings.